New Aircraft and features needed.

Cirrus Visionjet and Pilatius PC-12, Gulfstream G5. Beechcraft Starship, Beech King Air, and C-210T are all planes that need to be in IF.

Also, even the smaller planes all have coupling appr mode; even my Cessna 182RG has it.

These aircraft show amazing vision and proven value.

What other aircraft do we need? Ask the companies to create the aircraft; as a marketing tool…


Whilst we do appreciate your post, your only allowed one feature request per topic.

I recommend taking a look through this topic linked below for further clarification:


Hey there, please make sure next time you know how to create a feature category. The rules are simple. You follow them. You must make a single choice on the aircraft you want to be featured into Infinite Flight. Make sure you describe any feature clearly in detail. And, make sure you search for your feature in our Community Forum, just in the #features category. If the feature you wanted is shown or displayed by a different user, do not make another one to avoid a duplicate topic.
Instead, you vote for the feature you want by clicking on the big blue button on the top right.

Hello! You can only request for 1 feature in feature request! And we also have post regarding the aircraft you are speaking of. Here are some!

Read the post Declan linked above for more info, and utilize the search function to find if a feature has already been requested! Thanks so much!

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