New Air Tahiti Nui Boeing 787-9

Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 [new livery]

Air Tahiti Nui have just announced there new livery design for their soon to be delivered 787-9 aircraft. This livery varies from the current livery in Infinte flight quite drastically.

Air Tahiti founded in 1998 have been operating only A340 aircraft till this time. They have ordered 4 787-9 (2 on lease) to replace them.

The first 787-9 goes into service in Novernmber operating flights to Auckland from Papeete.

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This would be really nice to have I love their livery 😍

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This looks so much nicer than the current IF livery!


This would increase the realism since the one in IF currently wont even exist in real life.


Same deal with the Qantas 787 livery
This new scheme looks great

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Oh my, I would love this livery!


OMG, this has to be one of the nicest looking liveries I have seen on #features.

I would LOVE to have this in IF

You have my vote

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Some extra photos


Via air Tahiti nui Twitter

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Ooh very nice! Good request.

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Flights you can do with this plane

-Los Angeles-Paris

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Love this livery - I feel IF could do with more liveries from lesser known locations i.e. central Asia, Africa, Oceania, Indian Ocean etc.


The new livery has rolled out of the paint hangar in South Carolina!



We really need this, the current one in IF looks nothing like this. It’s supposed to be about realism so I still refuse I fly the one in IF now

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This would be absolutely great to have! It’s a subtle change to the one we already have, but it’s also massive in terms of realism. I would vote, but the way discourse works wouldn’t let me vote without removing 3-4 of my current votes.

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The livery looks fresh on that 787-9 I love it so much that I might book tickets to go on that

This has to be one of the best liveries out there! It would be great to have it in Infinite Flight!

You have my vote I love the new livery would love to see this added in the future. 🔥

I was lucky enough to see one of the first 787-9s for them land in KLAX. It is a gorgeous livery! Would be cool to see this added, you have my support.


Would definitely be more pleasing to the eye then the old livery

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