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At Air India Virtual we aim to to provide the best Indian hospitality and experience above the skies of India. Going back to date, this VA was founded in late December '18 by our former CEO @Prasoon_S and the airline has reached 1 year of operations. We never expected to have come this far. Our pilots have helped us reach great heights. As of the moment, our pilots have logged over 10000+ hours along with 2,000+ flights logged till date. This is a record breaking achievement for our VA in such a small time. Our pilots have flown about 4 million miles which approximately equals to 160 revolutions of the earth. We have all kinds of pilots from ultra long haulers to short haulers. At AIVA, you will experience the real flavors and colors of India.

There are many Virtual Airlines to choose from. Finding one you can count on and build a relationship with in the long term is a difficult task. Here are some reasons as to why you have made the best decision by choosing us.

Our Approach

To us, it’s not just another virtual airline. As one of the only Indian airlines, we take pride in the service we offer. We encourage each other to achieve their best potential within the airline, whether it’s completing a long haul flight for the first time or managing a staff position effectively.


Each person, whether experienced or new to the simulator will go through a test and must achieve a certain percentage to qualify as a pilot and start their career with Air India Virtual. Staff members will make sure that each and every pilot is made fit for the role and will be provided as much support is needed to thrive in the airline. Each pilot will be monitored by our Chief Pilot continuously to make sure our quality isn’t hindered.

Our Support

Staff members and pilots alike from around the world are here to support you and help you with anything around the clock. We aim to get you sorted out as soon as possible, whether it is support needed through our email, Instagram, Slack or IFC account.

Our experience

Experience ranges from IFATC to IFAET to Content Creators. We are a well rounded VA with many experienced and mature members. We would love to have you on-board and expand our airline.

State of the art technology

We boast a fully fledged, mobile compatible, all-in-1 crew center, where you can sign up to join the airline, file flight plans, view fleet details and review your performance. Many more features are avaiable for you to see for yourself.

For everyone out there who want to join a VA where you want to have fun and learn, join AIVA. It was my best decision to join AIVA as my first VA. Everyone here is very helpful from the staff to high ranked pilots. They are professional and realistic and if you like something that supports this with a bit of fun, AIVA is your piece of cake. I will guarantee you will have a great time here and you definitely won’t regret joining our VA. - @Krsh7 , AIVA Pilot

Air India VA was the first Virtual airline that I joined in IF in late February 2019 and ever since I have joined I have had a wonderful experience. The team is amazing and the code-sharing network and the long hauls are amazing as well. - @DhruvChopra, AIVA Pilot

It is a fantastic experience working at AIVA. At every stage I felt like I had full support of operations and the staff at AIVA are fantastic. I will always look back with pleasure and pride being associated with Air India Virtual - @AKSHAY_2777 - AIVA Pilot

We have a set of multi-national staff who are working around the clock to make sure your experience isn’t hindered. Have a look at them below.

Below are the members of staff who are responsible for the smooth running of the airline:

Executive Team

Indraniel Munshi | @indraniel | CEO

Alan Shaji | @Alan_S | COO

Rohan Sharma | @Rohan625 | Senior Advisor

Management Team

Prashant Divedi | @Prashant_Divedi | Chief Pilot

Soham Sarkar | @Soham_Sarkar | Administrative Manager

Krish Shaw | @Krsh7 | Events Manager

Aryan | @youngblood | Events Manager

Siddhant Nayak | @Siddhant | Flight Supervisor

Of late we have also changed the the minimum activity requirements, but to keep the VA in its set standards we have set a minimum bar.

These are the minimum requirement one must meet the join the virtual airline:

> Must be 14 years or above.

> Must be at least be grade 3 or above.

> Must fly once a month.

> Must be able to download and use Slack (Communication purposes).

>Must be able to provide a screenshot of the grade table as proof for verifying the details.


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Ethiopian Virtual Airline

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Turkish Virtual Airline

Thai Virtual

TAP Air Portugal Virtual

We use a free team collaboration software called Slack for all internal communications. It is a great way for members to interact with each other and get to know each other, plan flights, check documents etc. Staff members use it to share announcements, share routes of the week, flash flights and communicate with our pilots.

For all external communications, we use our Social Media outlets and the Infinite Flight Community to update the community. Follow us to keep up to date with our operations.


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Wow Amazing Thread. Proud to be a part of this VA.


Really amazing Alan! Very proud to be a part of AIVA.


Amazing thread AIVA, very happy to be a part of this wonderful VA


This is nice thread. Good to see AIVA is doing well!


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Thank you for the continued support gents, we are glad to have you! @DhruvChopra @Manav_Suri @king_ps09

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Super happy to be a part of this team! Can’t wait to see what we have in-store for the coming year.


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Happy Republic Day to all our Indian Community Members!


Stunning thread! Really happy to a part of such a great VA. Great crew and staff. One of the best VA’s in Infinite flight.


Appreciate it a lot @Siddhansh! We are very happy to have you with us.


Wuhan Rescue Mission

Air India Virtual pilots are en-route to Wuhan to rescue Indian citizens from the virus-stricken city. You can follow them here:

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Now Hiring!

Air India Virtual is looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our staff team. There is one available position currently which is Events Manager (EM).

Experience would be beneficial for the position but training will be given either way.

Please find below our vacancy form:

EM: https://forms.gle/t9VqkETU5GxiGz6r5

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Route Database Update - Feb 2020

Now fly from Japan and Singapore with our new codeshare routes!

We have extended our ANA codeshare along with the addition of Peach Aviation routes and Singapore routes to USA and India. So what are you waiting for? Grab that Singapore heavy and the Peach baby bus and explore all the new routes.

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Yes you heard that right! We are hiring now and the following positions have been opened up.

Minimum Requirements To Apply:
• Must be minimum grade 3.
•Must have atleast minimum 500 hours of flying experience.
•Must have no more than 2 reports.
• Must have a good record in IFC.
• The position you apply for must be specific ( any person can’t apply for nore than one post)

To Apply:- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFQ1SRvLJgVEy8zEjz05ekFVdn6olJXoz8gm6F6hqMCLH4RQ/viewform

All the best, last applications will be accepted till
: 25th March 2020 // 0000Hrs