New Air France Airbus A321-211

Airbus A321 Air France F-GTAD “Annecy”

Source : JetPhotos

Shrimp is back

Emplematic symbol since its creation. Air France promotes its winged seahorse, also called shrimp.
This is the strategy of the CEO of Air France KLM, Ben Smith since his arrival at the group.

After the merger of the 4 French airlines to create Air France in 1933. The seahorse was the emblem of Air Orient. Taken over by Air France later. It represents both the air and water having in the fleet of seaplanes

What is new ?
  • “AIRFRANCE” is larger
  • “Airbus A321” migrates to make room and not overshadow its christening name “Annecy”
  • Two “Shrimps” make their appearance, one HUGE between the cockpit and the first door, it replaces the skyteam logo. Another smaller shrimp appears on the left side of the door.
  • Blue winglets with “Shrimp” logo

That would be a great addition since LFPG is going to be 3D, right? I voted ;)


in my opinion we have way too many air france planes already especially the A31-2s

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I don’t agree. Biggest airlines as British Airways, Delta, American Airline… have one or even several livery by plane.
Air France France has a big fleet and it is one of the biggest A321 operator (20 in the fleet)

To be honest I prefer the 321 to be made in IF with the new livery than the new and the old one on the same airplane (318 and 320)


I would love to see this plane on IF, so unusual to see this plane flying. A great opportunity to see it on IF and in its new livery!
A nice addition since LFPG will be in 3D as @IF-Mallorca said !


I personally prefer the new livery on the A320 and A318, because on the A321, it’s quite bland

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It looks absolutely huge on the A319s indeed but I assure you, it adds so much to the A321 too.


You have my support !


New Air France A321 livery

F-GTAP named “Rennes”


It would be cool to add this livery because there are no 321 Air France, this one will add freshness to the simulator !!


This livery is missing in IF. It would be a great opportunity to see it with the new livery. Instead of adding a new one already existing in game (318/319/320)

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I understood criticisms about the new livery. I’m focusing on the A321 as it is missing from the IF fleet. I’ll bring my support on others liveries I feel are needed

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Well, i’m in love on this awesome livery ! (here F-GTAD)

Photo by Manuel Negrerie


I love it on the 321 and this plane is missing with the livery Air France on the simulator. Air France is known for owning the entire A320 family


New A321 with the 2021 livery

F-GTAK named Meaux

@Dernierenpire (twitter)


“Meaux”, what a beautiful city 😌

Oh… old Joon… so sad 😭

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Congratulations to all the liveries that have been added.
Let’s hope we’re next


Let’s do everything to be

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F-GTAK with new crevette livery !

Jetphotos by Aaron Vancoillie