New Air France A320-214 F-GKXS

                                Air France F-GKXS
                                 2021 New livery🦐

Hello everyone I think the Air France livery on a320-214 should be updated to have more realism on Infinite flight
You can fly from Pointe-à-Pitre to Miami as you can fly from Bordeaux to Paris CDG!

About AF❤️ :

I hope you like this application for the Air France shrimp livery!🦐❤️

i feel like this is unnecessary as we already have a very similar livery already

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If it is necessary it would be as if we were flying an old plane for example an a320 with the old livery of Iberia is not very realistic at all That!;)

the current air france livery is fairly recent though

You have the right to have your opinion but This finger livery needs to be updated because the old Air France livery has existed for about 12 years, so I think I insist that the Air France 2021 livery alias the shrimp livery has its place in IF, in particular for realism ☺️

I am determined to see this livery appear I will keep this subject Until she appears!😌

Yeah, this is an absolute must. It looks completely different from the existing livery in the sim, and adding this would unlock so many routes!

Easily the biggest livery redesign within the aviation industry in the last 20 years.

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But it’s ok because the OP is absolutely DETERMINED.



777-300ER’s situation arises
Should have said that earlier