New Air Force One

The Air Force has finally decided to replace the two old 747-200’s that flew many presidents over millions of miles. The new birds will be 747-800’s and will be fitted with all the classified gadgets that the old birds have. Expected entry into service 2023. Any opinions about the Air Force choosing Boeing for the project or was it already expected as it was for me? Well it is sad to see the old birds go.


Boeing is American, so that speaks for itself. Would be fun if they choose to use an A380 though. 😜 Oh wait, would be way more fun is they choose a Russian aircraft.


Will the old 747 200s be put on display, I wonder.

Maybe when all the classified info is stripped from it.

That would look very bad on Boeing if the Air Force chose the A380 :P


Well I don’t know, if they have to destroy the presidential limo after it retires I think they may have to do the same for the 742s.

The 747-200 isn’t completely incased in classified armor though. It isn’t worth it to make the limo not classified but I think it may be worth it to make the 747-200 not classified.

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I hope they’ll never chose the ugly A380

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It would be an awful shame to destroy them, they would make a great tourist attraction to avgeeks.

They just chose the 747-8, you are safe :)

Yes I would love to take a tour of such historic aircraft!

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It’s very unlikely the US government will ever choose the a380, think of it this way, why would the American Governmemt not support American businesses.

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oh yeah good point

Haha you really thought they would? :p

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… maybe

America’s most impressive aircraft should be the aircraft of choice for the president. It was expected to be the 747-8. Boeing needed a helping hand to fill more of it orderbook, there was the element of “American pride”, the precaution of 4 engines, larger size, etc. is better than the 777-300ER.

Amazing to see the 747-200 being replaced by a 747-8 though!

You can strip the classified gadgets.

They have preserved nearly every presidential aircraft ever so it only makes sense that they’ll find somewhere to park 2 747s. Dayton gets all of the aircraft but I can’t imagine where they’d store it… Some AFBs could possibly park a 747.

They actually almost chose the A380. The only reason they chose the 747-8 was because Airbus refused to build a plant here in the US to build it because they didn’t want to send the classified additions for the plane overseas…for obvious reasons.

long live the 747!!!

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