New Air Force 1 design

Before we start I do not know if this allowed since I completely took the thread from @SimCaptain so all credit goes to him for it
President Donald Trump released a new livery concept for Air Force One a few weeks ago. What do y’all think of the new design?

The Old Design

The New Design

Once again all credit to @SimCaptain for the entire thread.
One final question
Do you like it?

  • Yes
  • No

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The design was showcased back in June. This is not new.

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Like new one just beacuse it look more private and the old one look more like military or something like that in my opinion.

Misha voted no

It’s so iconic around the world. It’s a symbol of America. Why replace it?


I also created a topic on this a couple months ago.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

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Modernization. Do you think that the blue one that was designed for the Lockheed Super Constilation or 707 would look good on a an airliner from 2011?

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They’re not really modernising it are they though? They’ve literally taken the British airways negus retro livery and changed British airways to USA

It actually looks better in my honest opinion.

True but its modernizing it from a 1950s livery and I’m pretty sure the Negus livery came out in the 1980s

Wasn’t this released in June of this year?

Honestly I like the new one a lot! But, it would be hard for me to let the old one go…

@Gm2kmike20 Thanks for taking this on for me, man!

But it is “broke.” It’s not red, white, and blue.

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