New Air Canada Airlines looking for pilots in the Eastern Time Zone to join the crew

Usally fly out of KSFO runway 19R And also please reply to me if intrested thanks!

I’m in! I live near the Toronto region!

Okay great same
So do u got instagram
If do dm me in l.m_leafhabs

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you can count me in D.C represent

You can count me in. I live near KJFK - KLGA

Okay Thanks to all of you if any of you guys have instagram please tell me your profile name so i can dm you what times we can fly together! Thanks to all and also ONLY Air Canada liveries the 777-300ER and Airbus 330-300 and the Boeing 767-300
Are aloud to be flown in this Virtual Airline and also this isnt one of thoes WhiteAirGroup stuff this in KSFO you dont need a flight plan you can touch and go! So we arent that strict but please try not to crash! Thanks!

I don’t have Instagram. Any other way of being updated with this group?

Ouch umm maybe by do you have kik

And also are name is VirtualCanada so we manly use AirCanada and if you want to use a smaller route your welcome to use the WestJet 737!

Sure Aviation Junkie!

Instagram? Kik?
Are you guys searching for friends filling your social life or what?

You can send private messages (PM) here on this community page.

Oh okay thanks im only 11 lol
I didnt notice and no not social life just to dm wen we can fly

Can I join ?

Bomil2345 love to be in!

@Liam_Murray_LiamPump Recruiting for a Virtual Airline are Ya?
Max Sends

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I would love to be in here bomil2345

I’m in. I live on the East Coast, so i’ll be there.

I’m in I live in Little Falls Passaic County NJ near Newark liberty International airport.

What time is it?