New Air Asia X A330 livery

Hey what’s up guys? Hopin you guys are doing good.

So, as you guys knew, AirAsia is one of the best lower - cost airlines in the world and they also have sister company, called AirAsia X. They operates two dozens of A330s with a selection of liveries available. But that one in the Infinite Flight is pretty outdated already.

Then, this is what comes in. Introducing u the latest livery of Air Asia X.

Credit : JetPhotos
This livery looks more modern compared to the ones that we alr had. I’m looking forward to seeing this livery along the A330 update later on.

Happy Flying and see yah !

(psst : if you still don’t know about AirAsia X, heres a link to Wikipedia. AirAsia X - Wikipedia)

looks like the same livery to me

The one in Infinite Flight is the older version of the livery. Just by looking at the font and the tail it is evident that there is a difference.

ooooh okay…

I’m honestly liking this livery more then the other,

One because it’s newer and two because the font style is what I like. I think it could replace the current livery, you have my support :)


yep that’s it

Thank you!