NEW Aeromexico 787-9 XA-ADG (Formal livery)

Hey there, I would like to introduce this amazing aircraft and livery, the AeroMexico 787-9 in its formal livery, AeroMexico is one of the oldest airlines in the world and the main carrier in Mexico with more than 120 destinations around the country and world, I think this is a great addition to the AeroMexico fleet in IF, the AM fleet in the sim haven’t been updated in years so I think this is a great opportunity! 😁 also it could be the replacement in case the Quetzalcóatl livery is not possible

This would be a great gift for Mexican and Latin American users to have this livery in companion of Latam, AeroMexico is using more 787-9s than -8s so this addition will allow us to recreate a whole new type of flights with countries like the US, France, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and more!



• Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 dream liner 🇺🇸
• Airline: Aerovías de México (AeroMexico) 🇲🇽
• Engines: General Electric GEnx
• Registration: XA-ADG (optional)


What are your thoughts?, Would you like to have a brand new livery to the 787-9?

wait… i thought we had this? 🤔

We only have the -8 currently

Voted, thought there was already a topic bout this one but glad u made it

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Voted. That’s all I have to say.

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and umm, they don’t fly the -9 to NRT or ICN. Just saying lol.

But they do fly it to JFK, LAX, BOG, SCL, EZE, GRU, MAD, BCN, CDG, LHR, AMS, and last but not least: CUN.

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This livery would be amazing to have! 😁

They do fly to ICN with the 789

Voted, I love this livery and enjoy flying the 788 but it will be nice to have it on the 789!

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It looks like it’s carrying cargo, or is a charter. They don’t fly passenger flights with it from what i’ve seen.

Ye but they flyin

voted, this is neccesary, but the 738 is as well very necessary

I like the livery, but I sort of like the 787-8 it’s self more instead of the livery.