New AerIrishFlight VA

Hey guys I’m the CEO of AIF ( AerIrishFlight ) I need pilots as I only have 3… so far We’ve been up for not long and We fly on all platforms IF,FSX,XPLANE and VATSIM. We operate the A330 the 737-800 and the 757-300
All you need is to have a Instagram account the official account is @AerIrishFlight all you need to do is say underneath your insta name if you want to join and we’ll dm you or you dm us.

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Hey, you might want to make a website.
You won’t get far without one.

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You know your right i’ll get one ASAP


Good luck with your VA if you need help just ask

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Hello rob, welcome to the VA community.

hey dude wanna partner All irish va’s should combine!

Haha xD been here for years… AEJ… AIF … AFV … I’m very busy

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