New Additions to the Infinite Flight Team


Congrats! @Schyllberg and @JasonRosewell, both really deserve it.


Congratulations Guys! I’m sure you’ll do great things.


Lol I can’t tag seb anymore. Congratulations on the role :).


Congrats @schyllberg ! You earnt it


The Easter Bunny is getting paid to answer questions on the community now? That’s awesome! @schyllberg, you really deserved it.


Congratulations @schyllberg and @jasonrosewell! Best of luck to you both!


Does this mean you’re looking for a new moderator? 😉


No because Seb’s Doing the exact same thing as usual but it’s just an actual job now.


I was only joking lol - although would be happy to fill the moderator spot xD


Congrats :D Looking forward to seeing you guys with these roles ;)


Well since Henrik and Carson quit they may be…


Most times I’ve seen someone tag staff 😂


In that case…
You know who to come to Laura 😉😂


Me, me of course.

cries when realises not even regular


@Josh @Matthew, the first rule to being a moderator, always stay on topic.


Hope I don’t get in trouble 😬. Usually only done on birthdays 🎉


@Matthew @Sammy_Droubi

Don’t worry. It is ok to tag @schyllberg since he is taking over the support role for FDS, so sometimes it is necessary.

Now jasonrosewell. I don’t know.


Congrats just shave your beard please @schyllberg or stress from the new role will make hairs fall out


Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! FlightCast wouldn’t be what it is without this enthusiastic community and it’s exciting for me to now serve you all in an official capacity.

I’m looking forward to putting out some great content! Thank-you to FDS also, for their confidence in Seb and I as we try to keep up with Skyhawk Heavy.



@jasonrosewell and @schyllberg are two AMAZING people in this community. They have both deserved this role for a while and i’m happy that they got what they deserved. Sebastian’s endless amount of help in the #support category and Jason’s amazing podcast! These are two ways two people are helping our community and i’m excited to see what they’re going to do with these higher roles!