New Additions to the Infinite Flight Team


Congratulations!!! We’re all so happy to have you apart of the team!


Glad to see the team get bigger! Just a few years ago I couldn’t imagine this sim a community being what it is today. Congrats to each and every one of you!


Congrats to both of you, well deserved!


Congrats @schyllberg and @jasonrosewell! You both definitely deserve it! :)


Yay. [I am so overly excited for you both] 🙄


Please do not tag staff or developers. Thanks


Great news! Congrats to Mr. Schyllberg and Mr. Rosewell. 🇸🇪🇨🇦


Congrats guys !! But did @Joe approve this ?


Clearly we see where I am on the food chain lol. I can’t even approve posts anymore ☹️


I don’t see any wrongs or cons with this. Half the support topics are solved by Schyllberg or Chris Levet. Both great additions.


Congratulations to Seb and Jason. They are the best for this role echoed by their support to community members.

All the best comrades!


Congrats, Seb and Jason!


Congrats Jason and Seb! Y’all truly deserve it!


Totally agree, he’s also very polite when moderating and matured. Congratulations, Seb.

Very skilled and fitting for the role. Did a great job in the build up to the Global release. Congratulations, Jason.


Well @schyllberg you knew that I would not go too long without giving a formal congratulations. Your willingness and relentless efforts to help the community especially with app related issues has never gone unnoticed! We will continue to emulate you and support you in the #support threads.

Formal congratulations are in order for @jasonrosewell as well. May your creativity and passion for aviation flourish with this new endeavor. Can’t wait to see what unfolds this year and moving forward.

Wishing you folks my best as you embark on this new journey with FDS. Keep up the great work Infinite Flight Team! From a proud community member, Moderator and friend.



Congrats to the new members!!! We wish you luck!!


Congratulations to @schyllberg and @jasonrosewell on your new roles with FDS. look forward to more tutorials from @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton !

Happy landings all


A Big Congratulations to @jasonrosewell
Och Ett Stort Grattis till dig oxå @schyllberg

And of course i’m very much looking forward to see more tutorials and assistance from Mark and Tyler :)


Congratulations Seb!


Congratulations! Well deserved, thanks for all you do!