New Additions to the Infinite Flight Team


Fellow Pilots,

We are delighted to announce that Infinite Flight has been joined by 2 new team members most of you are familiar with.

Sebastian Schyllberg will be taking over the main support role at the company. He has been doing stellar work here assisting Mark and Tyler in the support category. This new role makes it official. Sebastian lives in Sweden.

Jason Rosewell will be in charge of Digital Marketing at Infinite Flight. He is one of the pillars of the Infinite Flight Community with the excellent podcast he has been running for a couple years: FlightCast

After a year of tirelessly working support, @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton will now return respectively to Pilot Community and ATC Community Management.

(Mark is the person to talk to for pilot issues, violations, ghostings…)

Happy landings everyone, and please join us in welcoming @schyllberg and @jasonrosewell to the team!

Reading the NEW Grade Table

Congratulations Seb and Jason! You guys have contributed so much that it was about time! Hopefully we’ll see more tutorials from Mark and Tyler after relieving (maybe) their workload ;)



Wow guys! Congrats, you 100% deserve it!


Thats why in a post a saw under schyllbergs name staff and not moderator. Anyway well done to both of you👌👍


Congrats guys! You deserve that!

I was wondering why Seb has “Staff” as a tag, now I have the answer! :P


Willkommen bei Unendlicher Flug


Congratulations you both! You have been working hard at IFC and this promotion is a much deserved reward for you both :)


Congratulations Guys!


Congrats everyone! :) and happy landings!


CongratsThis text will be blurred


Two new Blue Tags! Congratulations Jason and Seb! Definitely most deserved, and I wish the both of you the best of luck! 👍🏻👌🏻😉


A very well deserved addition to an already amazing team! Keep up the hard work!


Congrats guys! No one could deserve it more!


Wow! This is amazing! My favorite moderator is now a staff at FDS. SO excited! Congrats to schyllberg!

Also jasonrosewell (hadn’t had any interacts with him though XD)

Wish you two the best of luck


Congrats guys! Best of luck to you both!


Congratulations Seb and Jason! Best of luck to you guys! :)


That’s great news, congrats to both of ya’s!


Get ready for some… fun, Mark.
Congrats guys!


Awesome news! Congrats to both of you.


Woooooooooohooooo! Congratulations you guys! Also @schyllberg today’s the revenge of the 5th!