New additions DC10

I am using IOS with IF pro and unable to download the new DC 10’s additions, any help please?

When you try to download them, what happens?

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it says internet problem or space.

i have great internet and 256gb of space…

none of the planes i am able to download…or even update…

But how much free space do you have? 256GB sounds like total amount your device is equipped with.


i have 128gb free.

Even though you say you have great internet, give your router a restart and try again.

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Also, turn off your VPN.

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I am using 3g on my phone and have wife at work and still no downloads…it keesp saying i have no space or i don’t have internet. but i fly the other planes and use ATC etc with easy. should i reinstall IF?

I have just
now reinstalled and i am able to downloand all planes except the dc’s…

it is not internt or my phone for sure.

please assist.

I’m almost positive that it’s your internet. Try connecting to WiFi, disable your VPN, and try again.

Remember, VPNs tend to slow down your speed, so if IF is noticing that, it may send you that message.

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okay, ios shows an update, let me update my i7 and restart the phone…but i am using good internet both on 3G and cable… very strange, i just deleted the IF completely and reinstalled and it wont download any planes at all… will investigate and revert back, thanks…


Try changing your DNS to (google’s)

VPN was the cooperate, turned it off and is now downloading :-) Lol. thank you.

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