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Hi do you know if I can make a new account but I don’t have one so like do you know if I make a new account and then everything will reset so then I can get get grade 5


So basically I want to make an account but I want to know if I will restart everything and everything will go back to 0 when I make a new account


I don’t think thats possible you’ll have to dm the mods privately about it

Oh why is that

It’s not possible, because if everyone was able, trolling would be uncontrollable

Hello, a second account is NOT allowed as it will be a little unfair to other community members. For example as he mentioned above, there will be intolerable behaviours such as trolling and unfair results of poll.
More details can be seen here. Guide to the Community:

Apologies, but I don’t exactly understand what you are saying here. Isn’t this your account?

I haven’t tried it before but it will definitely reset back to grade 0. It will violate the community guidelines so bear in mind 🙂

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He’s not talking about the community account hes talking about his in game account and he wants to reset his stats etc


More than one Infinite Flight account is absolutely allowed - there are quite a lot of us who have more than one.

We are only allowed one Infinite Flight Community account, however.


I believe the last time you made a topic about resetting your stats, you were directed to the email support team. Seb likely covered this when he responded to your email inquiry. If you do make a new account for flying, the stats will start fresh so the Grade and XP will be 0 ;)

PS- I moved this out of the support category since this is more of an inquiry rather than an in-app issue.


Oops… I might have understood that. I am terribly sorry about that. Please forgive me.


Making a new account won’t help you get Grade 5. Not getting violations will. Which is something you seem to do a lot of


All that needs to be said, have been said.