New account

2, I just want to start over in general

i will have to wait 5 months to fly on expert again

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And also because of my dumb past

Personally I don’t think you should make another account. You should just understand your mistakes and take it from there. Watch YouTube tutorials on flying in the expert server. All your stats etc will be lost. Also, Who isn’t to say you might get a ghost on your other account and have to make another account. Lots of money getting wasted on other accounts. Just stick to one account 🙂

Thing is, would you like to have people see the fact that you have 10 ghosts on your account? Personally I would also make a new account as I wouldn’t be able to fly on expert for 5 months. Also, if his subscription has ended then there’s no wasting.

But you have to understand your mistakes. Improve on them 🙂

Anyway let’s not get off topic lol

Bro i learned from that mistakes

I just want to get rid from the ghostings

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made a new apple ID and logged into ITunes store

Entered IF and,


Try an app reinstall and then try again.

Here’s a quote from schyllberg about this:

“Unfortunately purchasing additional subscriptions using the same Apple-ID/Google account is not a possibility due to store policies we were required to follow.”

Make sure that the new iTunes account you’ve made does not have the same mail as your old one.

Try restarting the app. 😃

Woah didnt work

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Oh man, can you check if you put correctly your email?

@schyllberg is your man for this! 😉

Ik added him into DM

This is not something we will assist I’m afraid.

The reason is quite simple;
It sets a really bad example.

If you haven’t learned after 6 reports, a new account will most likely not help at this point. Especially not if the 2 most recent reports were less than 2 weeks apart.