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Dear Community

How can I open a new account?
I always get a message “your account was not found” do I need a completely new Apple ID or can I also use a second account separately? I need help !

This will all depend. You can also create an account through Google or Facebook. Not too sure about creating one in Infinite Flight.

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Hmm i am really thinking about a new acc in infinite flight but I think I need a new Apple ID that’s why I use my actually old account.

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I have never really created a new account through Infinite Flight, you may also try with a different Apple ID too, which is certainly a good idea.

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I could do that too. but then has to recharge credit and create a new email. If somehow you had the opportunity to send money to another account, I would do it. the only reason why i want to open a new account is because of my violations (149) and that excites me. And 80% of my violations I get it because I had no idea about this game.

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  1. Open the app.
  2. Press “Fly Online”
  3. You’ll get a pop-up asking you to Login.
  4. In the bottom of that pop-up, it says “No account? Sign up here”. Tap that and choose Facebook or Google as your preferred way of signing in.

I didn’t see „no account“
I try it with an google account but nothing works.

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Seems like it tries to login on that Google Account, but cannot find it because you didn’t register it yet.

Let’s wait for Schyllberg.

Also found this in another topic:
“An account is created when purchasing a subscription. So, you can’t sign in as there’s no account existing for you yet :)”
So if so, the question is now how to purchase again for new account

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So I try it with an completely new Google account but nothing happend …

@schyllberg can actually assist with accounts so hopefully if he has the time he may help you. Feel free to email for assistance and he will respond.

In the #support category there are tips when such situations happen. Here is an answer found in the Support FAQ.

When i try to login i get an error saying that there’s no account associated with my profile?

“This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight. An account is created when you purchase a PRO subscription and can’t be created before that. You then have the option to link your account to either a Facebook or Google profile. You are most likely trying to sign in with either of them before having purchased a subscription and have it linked with your Facebook or Google.”


this is really something confusing and complicated made by Infinite flight I have to say. When my abo was expired, I also wanted to open a new account and that was still not. I also bought a PRO sub and it led me directly to my old account. well let’s wait for schylberg and see what he says.