New AA bug?

So i am just about to land at KEWR from WSSS But when i turn AA on my screen goes black. And no it’s not my time of day. That’s set too noon so. I have Ipad mini 5 IPad OS13 The game is still running smoothly but i think i might have found something with the update, ultra long hauls and settings start breaking. I’ll provide pictures when i land if the issue still persists when i land.

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AA as in Anti Aliasing?

Correct yes

This is most likely linked to the ios issues happening. Turning it on increases the RAM and probably resulted in the black screen.

At least it seems like OS specific. I’m not getting any issues on Android.

Nvm app crashed 🙄 Well apple released a new update today, hopefully it improves the issues… I’ll update, restart my device and go from there:)