New A380 rework

Hey everyone

I was just asking about the new A380 coming and I was asking if you would be able to add the both Lufthansa livery’s to the a380 with is the blue and yellow logo if you know what I talking about and add the both blue ones for the Lufthansa’s livery’s if you know and also I was asking if you could also add the Quatar World Cup livery on there and the Emirates livery’s to I’m sure it’s not coppy right if you guys could add it on there because then it would be cool to see it on there will that also be in the next update???

Ok thx guys please reply and think what you think about the A380 idk ok thx please reply


Post this in Features

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I can’t I have been banned on there

No you haven’t. It’s part of the IFC. Which you are on. Right now.

But, your trust level is too low, which may be why you can’t access it.

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Well I can’t post anything on there at the moment

Well how much trust do you have

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And just answer my question pls

I’m a member.

As for your question, I can’t actually answer that. I’m not part of staff, so you could look for a feature request, and vote for it there.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do.


We cannot confirm/ deny which liveries will be on the A380 when it’s reworked.

You’ll simply have to wait and see, just like the rest of us 😁

The Trust Level rule is also in place for a reason. Please don’t try and skirt around the rules with topics like this.


TL2 I believe.

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What is that

when you can post in features and other categories.

It’s a trust level. I’m on TL1 but working to get TL2


Just try and get one of the teams on reply on here

That’s not how it works. She won’t answer our questions just because.

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No, I’m afraid I won’t do that. You can wait and see 🙂


We will all find out soon! 🐳