New A380 operator

Only the future will tell…

That was from One Mile At A Time

It would certainly be an upgrade over their current cabins, HiFly is keeping the ex-Singapore Airlines cabins

The chances do go up slightly when you look at PIA’s history of leasing aircraft from other companies, just look at the Sri Lankan A330s from not too long ago

One mile at a time isn’t the official PIA online source. Please do not spread false information


Um, I searched up on Google images for this picture because I read about it on several websites, and that was from an official PIA video. This is not false news

Take a screenshot, I would love to see proof

The picture itself was from OMAAT, but i searched it on Google images. Several people wrote about it, and PIA released a video on it.

Not just OMAAT, the points guy, and Dj’s Aviation, to name a few

Im guessing that you’re not a fan of OMAAT

That’s not the airline is it… sure it could be hinting something but it surely isn’t confirmed.

That is the confirmed livery, and it is their own new video, but they haven’t said anything about any new A380s which makes it even more strange.

A cargo variant of the A380 would not be commercially viable due to it’s shape. The plane would never be full without exceeding MTOW so it is inefficient.

I think it is good HiFly did this i heard British Airways wanted more A380s but didn’t like the A380 price tag and are willing to lease ones maybe this could be a good business opportunity for HiFly if BA wet leased the A380 from them

I suppose that an A380NEO with more powerful engines could work as a freighter. Only time will tell.

Even with more powerful engines it wouldn’t be able to be profitable. It has 60% more volume than a B744 but less than 30% more weight capacity so even with more powerful engines there will be a gap, which is inefficient

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Really? That’s interesting. In the future they probably could make it work but by the time it comes around all of the A380s will be lying around in the desert.

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