New A380 operator

I like that HighFly did this! Well done airline :)

Wait! SIA is retiring their A380s?


SIA retired their first A380 last year so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re counting to retire more of them.
The A380 hasn’t really made any major profit to SIA or any other airliners in that matter…
It’s size has made multiple airports around the world to need to expand their capacity to accommodate the A380 by building bigger gates.
So in the end the A380 is seeing its last days soon or now for some airliers like SQ.


Yeah, they are. But it’s for the better bro.


Hope ANA will use A380s for a long time:)

Airbus is not doing a good job now and they are having a bad time.
Alot of news involving Airbus.

Indeed, while Boeing is at the height of its life Airbus is wasting time trying to innovate in the neos and eletric aircraft.

Well, if ANA is gonna use ‘em for a while they’re gonna retire them within years.


Boeing might regret it later!

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I think it’s more a question of can IranAir buy new aircraft? During the time the aircraft was in service they couldn’t buy replacements. I’d also not use one aircraft as an example. By that logic MD-11s last longer than anything.

Also, good to see a380s flying rather than sitting in Victorville


Actually, they retired their first 5 early frames as they are very expensive to maintain and operate. First A380 frames are heavier than recent-made ones. That’s why they decided to not extend their lease with the lessor for SKA-SKE. If they are intending to retire the type, then they would have retired all of them and not ordering further 5 frames 😉.

I know it’s surprising but A380s do give advantages to SIA. In fact, their newest configuration has more seats compared to the existing ones. It would be hard to replace routes like London with 77Ws, especially due to their high demand (77Ws have fewer seats) and lack of slots in LHR for new flights 😉


Now we can’t say for sure whether ANA will use them for a long period of time or not but one thing is true and that is: it’ll be costly for ANA to operate them nonetheless.

Sure the livery looks pretty cool and all but if it was a smart choice for them to go for A380?
Personally, I don’t really think so…

At least not in the long term. They will have to find a another solution to their high demand flights to Hawaii. The 777X could be one of those solutions.

But we will have to wait and see what ANA has planned for the future.

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Well, maybe. Analysts estimate that oil prices may double in 2030.

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Singapore Airlines retire most aircraft around that age - due to tax in Singapore, it is more economical to operate that way.

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Retiring 5 early heavier builds. New ones are lighter with higher MTOW, and new config

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Well, PIA unveiled their new livery on an A380(why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Could that be a hint?

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I love how because the A380 is starting to be phased out some are calling Airbus a failure with Boeing at the top. That’s so funny I legit snorted while laughing😂.

  1. Like cmon let’s looks at facts. The commercial B747 was successful but it is no longer even domestically in America and it’s only being kept alive thanks to cargo distributors. If the A380 had a cargo varient it could also remain alive.

  2. Just because Airbus is losing orders to Boeing doesn’t make them a failure. Boeing not only failed at obtaining a fight against Bombardier and Airbus but also couldn’t gain any major stake in Brazilian made Embrear.

  3. The grandpa called the B757 is ancient and being replaced and a lot of the responsibilities being phased to the Airbus A321LR

  4. Delta who had plans to order a lot from Boeing switched over to Airbus. Boeing lost a ton of aircraft orders from that.

So let’s not say that Airbus is going downhill and Airbus is losing and Boeing is at the top of the chain. Both have their issues and both have their losses.


#LongLiveThe380 I truly hope PIA gets some 380 (King of the Skies) aircraft 😍

Why? Because they as an airline might want to. Simple as that.

Where’s the source for this picture?

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I don’t really get why they would unveil their new livery on an airplane that they don’t really have and based on the situation would only have one or 2 for a short period of time.