New A330 Livery’s for 2022

The A330 is my favourite aircraft in the real world, so when I found out it was getting a re-work back in early 2021 I was over the moon. However there was 2 main livery’s that existed in the old A330 that were my favourite and I used to fly consistently, These were Garuda & AirAsia X. So as the news of the A330 re-work releasing I began to get exited to fly new routes with these airlines. When the update released my jaw dropped as I realised Garuda & AirAsia X had been removed I was so gutted. And even when I heard the news that they would be coming out as liveries on the A330 I was still disappointed as I liked both the liveries better on the 300 variant. So it would make my day if in 2022 the developers could take some time to add these liveries, thank you for reading!


for garuda livery

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I believe the main reason these liveries were “removed” was because they were transferred to the A330-900 (Neo) from a developer perspective (from what I see) it was a better option to have those liveries in a newer aircraft type.


I hope this one is added…

You might want to make a feature request for a livery over in #features if you want it to get more attention.

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It’s already there, in the right bottom corner


First of all, welcome to the IFC! As others have said, once you reach the proper trust level (see information about trust levels and how to increase yours here), you should make a topic in #features about these liveries. I think it’s a great idea to add these back as they look pretty cool. I would also look at features topic already created and vote for that. For now, though, the developers will continue to read the features category and work on new IF updates.

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There were a large number of liveries that weren’t added/ were removed from the simulator, mostly down to engine variants.

The A330 was developed with the General Electric and Rolls Royce engine options, so any airline running the Pratt & Whitney wasn’t added, Korean being a perfect example of this.

#features is full of a whole wealth of airline livery requests, and the best way to show your support is to drop a vote and a comment on them

A few examples:

And of course there are many many more.


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