New A320 Problem?

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this but when you double tap to reset the cockpit cam on the A320, the camera aims downward, rather than pointing straight forward. Anyone else with this issue?

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Is it on captain view or instrument view?

I believe the staff are aware, and i believe they will be fixing that in the next update:) If i am wrong anyone feel free to correct me, as nobody is perfect:)

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Staff did this on purpose. They set the camera lower than normal so you can see the PFD etc. while flying.

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Woah! I didn’t even know that they added more cockpit views I was confused at first haha. It is on Captain View

That is correct. They did on purpose.

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Ohh makes sense. Currently on a flight from Marseille to Lisbon

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I think a mod can close this thread since it’s resolved? thx ;)

its the other way around for me LOL


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