New A320 Neo - Lufthansa

Hey guys,
what do you think of this new baby in the Lufthansa A320neo Fleet. This time with the raccoon mask, it looks so much better than the current A320neos.

What do you think of it? Write down below…


It is way better with the



Is this the eco version?

The current A320neos from DLH look like this…


eco? No, it is the NEO Version, but this time with the Black Surrounding at the Cockpit Windows

I think it would look even better with engines


Hahahahah, yeah

I don‘t know, but the Raccoon Mask on the A330neo, A350, A320neos, A321neo and all other Neos, looks sooo much better. It looks more modern than the normal windows (without the Mask)!


Dang boi she ugly

Mask makes it worse

neo = no engine option
looks great!

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Not a bad airplane!
That “raccoon mask” type-of window makes the plane look more futuristic.

Why cant they make it without the engines would be a lot more better lol XD

Not a fan of the mask to be honest. But anyways, the aircraft is great, as is the LB livery!

Hey that’s the picture in my profile! :D

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Yeah. I think it looks better with the raccoon mask than without. It would be interesting though to see what it would look like with the mask on the blue/yellow livery.

I love it. I really don’t get the hate the racoon mask gets. I imagine that if that bird is parked beside a company A350 it would make for a nice photo-op.

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now comes in the new glider edition

I think all the Neo should have the markings around the windows, Iberia have been one airline which did go ahead and they look great. I can only hope that BA do so also.

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