New A320 Liveries Available!


Please go to each individual feature request and vote for it. This is not the topic to request liveries.


The a320 one is outdated they need to have the big JetBlue name on the fuselage


Thank you! QANTAS link AND also the BA A320. Fantastic really look forward to flying both!


wow😱😮😯😃😍, the update I’m most looking forward to, there are some livery that has been added on the A320 aircraft. I appreciate the presence of new livery on a320 aircraft, especially there is a Qantas Link A320 aircraft livery, because I like that livery, besides livery Qantas B738


If you guys don’t know, Wow Air has specific Callsigbs,

They have TF-DAD, TF-MOM, TF-GMA, and more, FDS Chose TF-BRO for the A320 Callsign 😃


Amazing job y’all! I love what FDS just keeps cranking out for us!


Don’t forget the doggo of the family, TF-DOG!


Wym he’s ungrateful there’s a lot of liveries request which has more votes than the livery we got now but still never got added like the spirit airlines a321 had six votes and for some reason, it got added.people are out here requesting for the Avianca a320 but still being ignored


Great Work by the team! Looking forward to using these liveries.


He’s ungrateful because he should be happy that FDS took the time to give us some new content to get our hands on. Maybe if you’re patient it will come, but until then, I say we just enjoy what the wonderful people of FDS gave us. I have plenty of liveries that didn’t get added. Did I make a complaint post about it, no. Did I criticize FDS for not looking at feature requests more, no. What I did do was brush it off and move on. And I hope that’s what you all do aswell. Just be happy that we have got some new items to play with.

Also to add onto what @SkyHighGuys said. F9 is unique, you aren’t going to add 5 different Delta liveries to an A320 and put different callsigns on them, then people would be furious about that. F9 on the other hand has a different livery on all their planes. Plus who doesn’t want to fly with cute animals on their tale??😍🐢


Am happy we have new livery am really grateful which I think he is too is really annoying sometimes livery the community ask for never get added


I totally agreed with you, wotbhave had not one but THREE updates announced in less han two months! That is insane not to mention that they have also hinted at other updates. We should be grateful for what we have and for what will come in the future. I am sure he developers have noticed the liveries and may be working on them but they have priorities and liveries aren’t one of them in the current moment.


I don’t want to fly with cute animals on my tail, go Delta!


“Who doesn’t want to fly with enormous red triangles on their tail?? 😍🔺”


Why, thank you FDS! Now all we need is an updated jetBlue livery… I’ll be waiting ;)


Dear People Complaining,

We seen some liveries that got added that have 0 votes. But think about it… How many Japanese short range aircraft do we have?

Not Many!

Always keep in your mind that Infinite Flight Developers (FDS) try to please everyone. You have people who play this simulator from all over the world. From Japan to Australia to Norway to Kenya. FDS must have someone who plays this flight sim from every part of the world.

But think of the top requests that’s FDS Answered:

• Qantas B737-800
• JetBlue A321-200
• LATAM A320-200
• GOL B737-800
• British Airways B777-300ER

I’m sure that one day we will see some new Qantas, TAM and UPS liveries (top requests)… But for now - I’m very happy and everyone else should be to that FDS is listening to everyone and making everyone (almost) very happy about the choices that they can fly in Infinite Flight.



Out standing work FDS team way to bring more and more to this awesome mobile sim. I’ve been waiting so long for a WoW livery and it’s finally here. Awesome job keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to see what the future continues to bring.


Just coming home and seeing an update really hypes me up. I am so glad that FDS is working at a faster rate of making updates. It is just so exciting because even if its months, it really just makes me happy when I see a new update. Keep up the fantastic work FDS!


Thx FDS!


Is it just me or does anyone see wing flex? Idk seems different to me