New A320 Liveries Available!


Wow! I LOVE surprises!


Very happy with the additions.
Just one pointer the BA A320 added has the registration G-EUYX in real life this aircraft has sharklets


Wait what? How unexpected and awesome! What a great weekend present! Thank you Devs!



We noticed this too, and we’ll correct this asap. Thank you!


No, they use the A330 to California


Wonderful surprise. Real happy. Will WOW be added the airline callsign list soon?


Am I the only one having the thought the Dev. Want to push every month a smaller update rather then every couple month one big?

Don’t get me wrong I do prefare it that way. That way we do have abou a month to play with the new update and before we get „bored“ there is a new toy to play with!


Yes it will be along with any other missing callsigns for the above featured aircraft. The developers are aware. Thank you for the concern! Its greatly appreciated. 🙂


I just noticed this pinned topic! I was looking at best photos and I was wondering, why so much photoshop? 😂 Amazing FDS, can wait to fly QantasLink A320!


Are there some aircraft that are easier to create new liveries for? It seems like the a320 family gets livery updates way more than other aircraft that deserve the same treatment. Any explanation?



Is FDS trying to say something to us 😂🤣


Have the physics changed? I noticed the gear gave a lot more than before


Not necessarily. I‘ve seen comparable things in real life as well. It can be just possible the airline made this originaly.


We need the new air canada livery bad!!! But thanks for these for now!


Great Work FDS!
Loving The New Liveries


Nope, it’s a thing WOW Air do with their registrations. They have some other planes with TF-MOM, TF-DAD, etc.


I have been experiencing similar problems. My A320 only rotates at 180kts at 50% load and I has to pull my tablet way up just to get a bit airborne ( I calibrated it 3 times!) I would also like to know the answer to this question.


What weight are you at? And what throttle percentage do you use?


53% loaded
Thrust 95%
Flaps 1
Trim 20% (I used this much to verify something about the physics issue)
No weather except 27 degrees Celsius
Started rotating at 140 plane didn’t even lift up until 180


I remember the A320 doesn’t respond like that at all, in fact I remember the A320 violently rotated and I had to ease down the device just to make it look smooth…and no it doesn’t even lift up!