New A320 Liveries Available!


So i guess we can confirm the A321?


WOW uses the A321 for their midwest routes. The A320 should make it though.


I think that its quite easy to replicate BA liveries on A320, so just be patient and probably that your request will become a reality…


Please find another thread to discuss the A321. This thread is to discuss the new liveries for the A320.


I know the frustration but enjoy this update first :)


I love this update sooo much. A320 is my favorite aircraft!


The A321, yes. It’s a bit of a stretch for the A320 though. Might try it later on. :)


They haven’t directly said yes with Allegiant, but they did give a hint. I’m pretty sure it is coming!


I always wanted to see the British Airways livery on the A320 so thank you FDS!!!


Getting this again now :/


Since it was 100 messages ago, can you please be a little more descriptive?


True, well it’s exactly as described above. While liveries. I have tried restart, reinstall and they still appear white. iPad 5
iOS 11.3.1


Can we for once be happy with what we get? The complaining is really ungrateful.

I for one am very happy to see these liveries :) especially the WOW air


The same happens with the Interjet or Avianca A320 liveries, they are the ones with the most votes and do not launch them. It is something that I do not understand.


Amazing job FDS! You gentlemen and Laura are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up! Very excited for these new incorporated liveries! Especially the WOW Air! Thanks!


Yep, ungrateful :) thankfully the devs get to do what they want with their own simulator. And the reason there are so many F9 is because there are a different animal per plane. The reason you don’t see 5 UAL a320s to fly is…well United has one livery.


Forgot about Laura there eh buddy?


Nah man! Laura is included in there buddy.


I just saw the gentlemen part and I was like “oh that’s ironic”. The deva dodo an awesome job anyways with this update.


I am truly in awe due to this update, the liveries are incredible and gorgeous. They weren’t the liveries people wanted but they were beautiful and we should be grateful for what we have! I have been thinking about this for a while and I must say that I need to say it. If FDS didn’t even hint towards this update coming…who knows what other things they could have in stock for us, it just gets me more excited. Who knows if we may one day get the famous Avrocar?