New A320 Liveries Available!


Be sure you bring it out tomorrow as well. Try O’Hare to Keflavik then onto Schipol! ✈️


Wow! This was totally unexpected! Looks great! Well done FDS, you never seem to disappoint. :)


FDS never stops surprising us.

5 new liveries essentially for free (with a pro subscription). That’s love right there. You guys seriously deserve more appreciation for all the things you do to make the community happy. ❤️

Thank you.


There is a jet blue 😀 pretty sure they updated the cockpit and appr


Definitely worth the shot. I’ll do it from my home airport (DCA), then the hopping.


They never do! I feel like FDS does what we think is impossible for every update we do and it’s just incredible! Love what they do and a HUGE fan of they work! I have discovered that the liveries are also available for the people without the pro subscription like me. Is that supposed to be like that?


Here is the WOW route map. Save it on your phone, tablets etc.


Can the A320 fly until san fransisco?


This LATAM makes me even more excited for South America imagery. WOW!


Well i’m definitely flying to Stockholm 😋


This was totally unexpected. There were no hints to see these were coming. Nice job FDS.


Oh yes! Thank you FDS for a nice surprise. New airlines look great!


Please refrain from using GIFs. Thank you!


OMG WOW WOW WOW ;) Thank you guys!


No. They use their A330-300s for routes to Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The A320 should have enough range to reach the Canadian cities as well as the Northeast US cities. Not sure about the Midwest US ones though. All their European routes are adequate for the A320 too.


I just got home from school to see this, an amazing way to start the weekend! I love how the British Airways livery now has the coat of arms on the side aswell!


I was hoping for the BA 320 at some point, thanks devs 👍


Where did you see this???


Check the Infinite Flight Instagram and look at the comments in the recent post.


I know most comments have been expressed how thankful they are for this, but with this being a free community to the best of my knowledge, I would like to take this time to express my dissatisfaction.

Recently, we have seen many different liveries coming to the A320 family, and that’s a good thing. However, it is the liveries that have been chosen, and the ones that haven’t that I have a problem with.

What I’m going to be fighting the battle for is the Aer Lingus A320. We have been asking for this livery since early 2016, and rightly so. This livery is such a common occurrence in Europe. Something that is not such a common occurrence, is Peach Air. For the love of God FDS, no-one has ever heard of Peach Air.

Now I hear you saying “But we already have the Lingus 321.” Well to that I say: “Well we already had the BA 319.” I know the BA 320 has over 2x as many votes as the Lingus, but if we’re going to be picky about votes, then the Lingus has an infinite number of votes more than Peach Air, because Peach Air has absolute zilch. On top of this, Aer Lingus have 91% less A321s than they have A320s, but BA only have 35% less A319s than they have A320s. Quite a big difference isn’t it?

Please just get it together FDS. I’m fed up with having to unrealistically fly the A321.

Edit: I forgot to mention how like 10 Frontier liveries, with the only difference, being the tail. That’s actually just taking the peas.