New A320 Liveries Available!


It looks like the angle of the screenshot in my opinion


Okay,will do it after all the steps, thanks!


I’m not sure if it’s available in every country right now


Hmmmmm, that is a possibility.


Probably. Because I can’t see it as well.


The update button will be in the bottom right hand corner of the aircraft selection screen when you select the A320.


Yes I know, I was being a bit stupid and forgot to restart IF. Haha!


Oh it is in the game? I thought it was on appstore/play store


Well, That’s lovely so we got all of our issues solved and now we all can soar the skies with the new liveries! Lovely


Tyler, will the callsigns for the new airlines be added?


@Cameron will get these added in a future App Store update. Appreciate the understanding!


So cool how you don’t update the whole app just for some liveries


I would suggest using the General aviation callsigns in the meantime. For example WOW-483 or WW-87.


That is correct! A lot of the work we do is with future features in mind. We took some time to develop a way to send smaller features live liveries directly to your device via the server, saving you a trip to the App Store for a timely update.


Thanks for the tip, i will do that!


Completely agree. I didnt expect any response, but the liveries are beautiful and I commend the FDS for their work and the continued experience!!!


I have to say. Updates like these make me very happy. One of these every month or so goes a long way with the community IMO and are a great way to pass the time in between planes. This is something that I hope will continue.


That’s really awesome to hear! We scan the #features category often and will keep working hard to bring those high demand liveries as fast as we can make them. 😊


Awesome! Laura is trying out peach air A320 in Athens! I am Speedbird A320 holding short for EGLL


There are many WOW aircrafts here in BIKF! Everyone seems happy with the new update!

WOW Scenery + WOW Airport + WOW Air : 3XWOW