New A320 Liveries Available!


Thank you so much Man! I need the ACA A321 and Allegiant A320


Flying the LATAM A320 to Phoenix Sky Harbor. Love the new liveries!


New livery?! 😍😍


It works now! Thank you!!

BA coat of Arms 😍


Thanks for telling us Laura! :D
Really excited to fly the new Liveries


Awesome, thanks so much FDS!!


I’m at school and flying to the FNF. I’ll get these WOW-inducing liveries later. This has to be the quickest update I’ve seen in my life! FDS, you’ve clearly outdone yourselves. BRAVO ZULU to all of you! 👏🏻


I’m here, but no update for us :( we need the A321. But it’s good to know there’s no need for a major update to get liveries done!

Well done FDS, thanks for this little surprise!


WOW i’m loving this. 😛


Anybody want to fly EKCH-BIKF?
Wow Air A320
PM me if you want to

Decide what server btw ;)


It works!! Thank you Laura for helping us out here. I cant wait to fly the WOW Air :)


My flight for today EKCH-BIKF. Wow air honestly looks so good


Now There are textures Thanks a lot


It works now, thanks for the quick response!


Happy to say that the liveries worked but i have no textures on kjfk terminal 7

Edit: i have cleared the cache


The in-app update isn’t showing up for me. Help please? @Tyler_Shelton


Just something intresting I noticed with the previews for the new liveries

Comparing to the old liveries to these new ones the wings “flex” upwards. Maybe a sign of something to come in the future? Maybe I’m just crazy?


Are you on the apple account/Play store you bought IF on?


Create a #support ticket if needed, as this is not related to the liveries. Appears to be a weak connection. I recommend a device restart, launch the app and try again with a stable connection. Thanks!


Yes I am. Same one that I purchased Pro and the App.