New A320 Liveries Available!


I understand and I know, there are other liveries out there for jetBlue. I am not making an issue out of this, just as a vB member, there was a little hope for JB. All good in the hood. These are nice and I look forward to flying them.


Same issue for me after reinstalling them again and restarting


It didnt work for me:/


Try restarting your mobile, restart your Internet, If not Log out from your IF account and log back in
Clear scenery cache.

Can not confirm that this works, but try!


You have to restart your device then.


@maestro & @Avgeekproductions:

This topic is for the New A320 liveries that were just added. I suggest you take the JetBlue conversations to a PM or their respective Feature request threads. Its fine to complain in those topics but this one is for the 5 new liveries. Thanks!


Woo hoo new stuff :)


How about we be thankful for what we got! The development team has obviously put a lot of effort into these.


Sweet liveries! Cant wait to put there liveries to use!


Those are some good looking paint jobs! Well done team.


And such a surprise as well! No players knew about this (What I think)!


There not working there only blank?


The devs are well aware of this issue.


restart the app

Should work


i did that. it doesnt work!!!


Whenever I go to download it, this prompt keeps coming up. My internet is perfectly fine, and my device has over 6GB of storage remaining.
I was able to successfully download the aircraft the first time when it came out white.

EDIT: Problem solved


I was not complaining just discussing something but I totally agree with you, we should be greateful for what FDS has done I like some people in the previous update.


Hey @Laura, I also have the problem and I restarted the app but I still have the problem.

Edit: All fixed.


It looks like we will be having an even bigger livery update! Infinite Flight has confirmed the Air Canada A321 in new livery, and Allegiant A320 in a few replies!


The CDN is returning an incomplete file… restart the app now, it should be fine now… I hope ;)