New A320 Liveries Available!


Very nice. But no JetBlue… :(


I don’t want Anton to be that rested asking for an explanation but…are the liveries only available for por subscribers? If so, what made you carry out this decision to make something that could TRIGGER so many users? (Just asking not complaining or anything.


Yaayyyy qantas A320…


These liveries are for the World Cup. They aren’t adding every A320 livery we don’t have plus we have a Jet Blue A320


Anyone else with this problem?


Awesome work! Amazing that you guys keeps improving!


Oh my god, what a surpise! THANKS <3


Photoshop? That is how I would do it…lol


Yes, i have it white.


Yes, I am experiencing this too.


I have the same issue for all of the new liveries


Yeah, I have the same problem


Oh my god oh my god hahahahah yes!!! Thank you FDS!


I understand this, and I know they can only do so much. The jetBlue liveries are just dated.


Yes, i have the same issue.


We already have the JetBlue livery available on the A320, A321 and ERJ190.


I have white liveries too.


I have the problem as well


I love that Peach livery! More East Asian flights is always fun!


For those who have the white planes issue, please try restarting the app now