New A320 Liveries Available!


Maybe we can have an older version and a newer version?? 🤷‍♂️ I like wingtip fences and the A320 family.


He was referring to the one with the registration of the one on IF. The newer aircraft will have sharklets.


All of the WOW aircraft have creative last three digits. When I flew on them there was a page of all of the names for their aircraft.

I remember KID, MOM, DAD, GMA, GPA, GAY, BOY, GRL, SIS, BRO and a few others.


Wow! I loved the new livery of Latam on the A320


It has been stated multiple times above that this is not a place to request liveries or aircraft, we have #features for that so go vote over there.



One of my New Favorite Planes! Thanks FDS!!!


Congratulations are very beautiful paintings.👏👏


You chose to pay for THEIR product that THEY created. If they created it, then they decided what gets added. If we switched to a user-decided system, nobody would be satisfied. People from all over the world play this game, and they all want different liveries for their aircraft. What you think everybody else wants is most likely only what you and a handful of others want. They work hard to improve the game while trying to give everyone what they want. You paid to get everything you have now, not something that will be added in the future.


If they work so hard to give people what they want then how do you explain this Peach Air A320

Not even the creator of the request voted for it.


Think about diversity. It’s one of those cool liveries that offers a variation from the usual EasyJet, BA, AA etc.

It seems no one can be pleased by what FDS create because once you get one thing you immediately want another, another and another. It’s an endless cycle and you should accept that FDS dont cater to just one person but many and so there will be features added which you don’t like or agree with but that’s just how it works when you create a product.


Hey, it does look quite AWESOME!
(I would have voted for it if I knew it existed:)


Because we can also add things we want to add diversity and perhaps introduce Infinite Flight to new users.
There’s a balance between entertaining current customers and attracting new ones. And by only adding what the current clientele wants, it’s harder to attract new audiences.

In case you missed it, we added a couple of the most popular liveries for the A320 this time around.

But i guess it’s easier to focus on the negative things than the positive?


I see what you’re saying, I guess I’m just frustrated that a common A320 livery for a flag carrier hasn’t yet been added in yet.


Also, to make you guys happy, FDS is delighted to also add the NEW AIR CANADA A321 and ALLIGIENT A320 in the near future!
(Confirmed via Insta)


Basically we have all major airlines from each land mass (:


Can you link the post?


Who said it won’t be coming later?
We can’t add everything at once, that would be crazy.

Patience :)


Here you go:


Referring to other style of livery


I disagree, it is usually the things added with the least votes gets the hate. When things like the MD-11, Qantas 737 and JetBlue A321 get added, people praise FDS for listening to the community. Solution, add things in the order of their votes, 0 votes= lowest priority, 50 votes on a livery = highest priority and honestly depressing if not added.