New A320 Liveries Available!


After doing some patterns at Geraldton with @Thomas and @anon31652286


Question - out of pure curiosity how do you select what livery is going be made? Not sure if this is the place to ask so sorry!


Very nice! Nice qlink aircraft there


Adding the WOW Air A320 to my CVG Fly-Out! Great Timing FDS!


Noice! Looks good. Can’t wait for what’s next…


No it is not being added in the next update. It will be added when ready, for now fly the A320 to the hundreds of other regional airports in Australia.


Love the look of the new liveries. Unfortunately i can’t get to my iPad to give them a go, but can’t wait to fly them later.


Finally a BA a320
I’ve wanted this for ages


Do you not think that since we (the users) who pay about 80 bucks a year. A year, should have the most say in what liveries get added?


Awesome work!! Love the new liveries!!


WOW this update is amazing! 😂😀😑😔

That joke has probably been used before…

But the WOW livery is one of those things that you need to see in person, it does not do it justice any other way… Best livery ever made…


See folks this is probably why some updates that seem simple can take a while because they do cool things like this in the background…


🤦‍♂️😑 oh dear, tragic joke 😂


Actually not only is TF-BRO airborne now, but WOW seems to like the pro nouns…

Here are a few I found…

And I have personally seen TF-KID…

Also sorry if it sounds like I am trying to correct you, I just thought it was kinda funny and wanted to let you know…


This isn’t an App Store update.
Just select the A320 in aircraft selection screen and tap “Update”. From there on you should have it.


Thanks mate, if that was intended for me😅. I know all the Qantas Link Routes but I didn’t know the Peach Routes, expected for one, Tokyo to Osaka, which I have been on. 👍


I see them do the same route but to Newark. I think I saw one of their NEO’s if im not mistaken.


Ya, we get every other day A321 and NEO A320


Great update! Don’t forget to add the proper callsigns to the list. I didn’t see WOW Air as an option.


Yes callsigns will be added at a future time.