New A320 Liveries Available!


Very nice news! Want to fly some routes!


Absolutely love this. I just want to take a moment to respect and appreciate the work that has gone into making it possible to give us such treats, without having to update via our respective platform ‘app stores’! Well done and thank you!

I am sure I am not the only one who had a feeling of great excitement as they drove home tonight!!


The screenshot has been taken from a higher angle that’s all, look at the shadows and use reference points and you will see.


I actually love this simulator
Thanks for adding my livery FDS ❤️


Finally another Icelandic airline. Thanks FDS


No way! This is epic! Thank you so so much for making a Qantas Link a320 livery developers!!! And Peach!!! I’m doing a flight right now!


Qantaslink A320 Routes (2)

• Karratha (YPKA) - Perth (YPPH)
• Newman (YNWM) - Perth (YPPH)

There is only two A320 Qantaslink Routes IRL, I’ve already flown YNWM - YPPH And the Departure is Amazing.

Peach Aviation A320 Routes (8)

• Shanghai (ZSPD) - Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)
• Bangkok (VTBD) - Naha (ROAH)
• Taipei (RCTP) - Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)
• Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) - Osaka (RJOO)
• Kagoshima (RJFK) - Osaka (RJOO)
• Hong Kong (VHHH) - Osaka (RJOO)
• Osaka (RJOO) - Sendai (RJSS)
• Seoul (RKSI) - Osaka (RJOO)

These Are Some Of Peaches Routes, they Have many More From Osaka as it’s their Main Hub.


Oh wow what a surprise thx flight cast


You’re welcome? lol…


Thank you aswell Jason… you know just because 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hahah


Thank you FDS! The new liveries are beautiful. Also knowing that smaller updates can now be delivered directly to devices without the need to visit the app store - absolutely brilliant! Paving the way for an exciting future!


No African liveries as usual…great


And New Delhi right?


There will be many african liveries to come with the upcoming CRJ-update.


Well not a lot, just a few. However more popular African Liveries such as South African Airways, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Kulula, Mango, etc


Maybe they’ll add some with the A350 next 🙄


Thank you guys so much, I never thought I’d ever see a Qantas branded A320 in IF!! I’m honestly amazed.


I guess no one expected it, I love the ‘’ FDS ‘’


Yes of course, unless you think an A320 can fly there lol.


They actually fly to Solomon as well (YSOL)
Currently the airport hasn’t been added in IF, but it is coming with the next scenery update I believe