New A320 Liveries Available!


It’s Friday! Let’s kick things off with a surprise for all of our Pro Subscribers. In anticipation of this Saturday’s Expert ATC schedule where we expect lots of WOW Air flights, we’ve added 5 new liveries to our A320 series! Simply update the aircraft in-app for access to British Airways, WOW Air, Peach Air, QantasLink and the LATAM A320. Enjoy! 😎

Saturday's Expert ATC Schedule

Recommend Airline: WOW Air, KLM, United Airlines

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QantasLink A320
New A320 liveries?
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Great work y’all! I love the new selection of liveries!


Wow! This is so great, i’d love to fly the WOW Air A320!


QantasLink A320! What a surprise this is! Just in time for my birthday too! Thank you so much devs!


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun birthday!


wow that is just awesome work FDS!!


Wow love the liveries!


I’m happy that their is now a proper WOW air aircraft!


Thats awesome, thanks FDS !!!


LATAM and WOW Air A320s? This is a very nice addition! Thanks alot FDS :D

This update is just WOW!


This is awesome! Thanks guys


As always, awesome work!


I like them a lot but no Aer Lingus livery? Great work though.


This comes so unexpected! World Cup + New IF liveries… Weekend can’t get any better


Great news to here while staying up at 2am to watch morrroco vs Iran even though I’m not from either nation.


I ask one thing. How on earth did you manage to get that screenshot? What a beautiful Formation!


@Jeno_Farkas where you hiding buddy?


Just noticed about Peach Air A320. I was looking for this livery 2 days ago while controlling Seoul and didn’t expect it to come. It would be a nice additions to fly around Japan and nice to see that LCC liveries are getting more attention ;)

For those who don’t know about Peach Air ;)


Just updated, but the planes are just white 😞