New 757 and no wipers?

Hey there, I’m a bit confused, why the new 757 doesn’t have animated wipers??

And if this may be added in the future? 🧐


To make us avoid London Heathrow

in all seriousness, I have no idea, maybe to increase frame-rate and decrease the polygons count :)


Honestly I think most people would prefer faster reworks and/or more aircraft over visual features anyways.

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Because they serve absolutely no purpose.


But opening the window of the cockpit does? All animations are kinda without purpose in IF till we have like gateways and stuff


Good Point, well presented.

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Pretty sure she has them. Since the 757 was reworked in parallel to the 777, we probably are in the same situation of a fully animated cockpit but no use or capacity to add said animations in game.

Yeah I know, but it’s like weird, almost every aircraft they rework comes with new features, instead of adding them to the whole reworked fleet in general, that’s kinda nonsense.

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I actually loved the wipers. I mean I know the best you could do was to pretend they work, but with foggy landings or departures they gave me this slight touch of realism, and I honestly used them quite a lot


In my opinion, Wipers aren’t a thing on Infinite Flight, I used the 777 wipers about twice


exactly, id rather open my window while parked at the gate or pushing back then i would use wipers that distract me from taking off.

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Well irl you would have to deal with them anyways…

ik ik, but i think plane to plane they are gonna try and rotate between the two, nd the 757 is one of the only planes that let you open the window. most dont so thats why the chose the opening window. most pilots irl dont use window wipers often

In my opinion, there’s no need for that in the absence of rain in IF

I mean would it come in project metal though?

If the performance increases a lot we might even get a fully animated cockpit and perhaps in a further future a complete cold and dark sequence.

Some button are animated already like the 737 APU and its gauge

why tho? Is it really necessary? Wipers with no rain it’s a bit weird :)

A little FYI… Project metal will not be this:

foreach (var feature in missingFeatures)

Actual reason: more attention was put on other animations and making a tight turnaround before the holidays. It’s as simple as that.


Flying around in digital airplanes with imaginary passengers is a bit weird, but this is where we find ourselves. 🙃


touché I’m just a simulator pilot lol

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