New 3D Airports

As 3D airports have became a massive contributor to the growth of infinite flight over the last year since there release, many people have loved flying between 3D airports as it adds that extra side of realism to the game, however I do think there is certain places that get neglected when chose to have new 3D airports added, these are Asia & Australia. Asia I think is a very popular destination for players of infinite flight because it carry’s very unique fun, short, medium & long haul routes, so it is very diverse. How ever when 3D airports release I feel like players counting in myself, tend to strive to fly between 3D airports. And sometimes when I want to fly between 3D airports in Asia I tend to find it very hard as there is no medium haul routes from let’s say Singapore, the closest 3D route you can do from Singapore is Bangkok, and after a while that route tends to get boring. I wish they would add more mainstream airports such as: Jarkarta, bali, Hong Kong, Manila & more as I feel like the y always miss the mark when they add new 3D airports to Asia, such as last time when they added Yogyakarta, Indonesia instead of perhaps Bali that can be used for so many routes and is a diverse international & domestic hub.

Australia issue.

Australia again is a popular destination as there is a variety of scenic domestic & international routes that can be flown however, I feel that after adding Adelaide and Sydney the infinite flight team began adding airports that weren’t very logical in the eyes of a infinite flight player, such as Alice springs & Hamilton island. I think it would be amazing if the developers really took more time in thinking what 3D airports infinite flight players would enjoy the most for example: Hamilton island or cairns, the obvious answer would be cairns as it is a destination that can be flown from places like Sydney and Adelaide on a variety of aircraft unlike Hamilton island. So I really think that in 2022 it would be great if they added more logical and popular 3D airports to Asia and Australia, Thank you for reading!

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Hiya Charlie! I respect your opinion regarding your 3D airport requests, but I don’t think they are allowed on the forum. Our developers are working their hardest and best to deliver us the best possible product in the best possible time. Cheers!


Yes, as Daniel said above, the devs are working very hard to please everyone with the new 3D buildings. But I think too that they should focus more to where your requesting



Please see the following as this will address what it is you’re asking

Thank you!

If you don’t read it, read this quote taken from the post,

” As a result, our airport editors are free to start any airport they like. Our team may suggest airports based on aircraft being added or reworked, but ultimately our editors work on what excites them.”