New 3D Airports question

This is more out of curiosity than anything else, and apologies if this has been covered in another thread somewhere (I couldn’t find it)…

At what point should we expect to see new 3D airports arrive in IF? Or more specifically, will they become available with the navigation updates like existing 2D airports by IFAET, or is it more of a developer controlled thing?

Deliberately not requesting a specific airport, this is genuinely a general interest only question.


It would likely be part of IFAET navigation updates, but we’d also definitely see them in upcoming updates.

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As said above, IF has stated that they’re hoping to get all airport fitted with the 3D layout over the next bunch of updates, if anything does get updated or come up soon, it’d be on the Development Timeline or on the #blog category so keep an eye out!

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No, it has been confirmed already that more 3D airports will not come in the monthly IFAET navigation updates. Most likely we might expect a handful more in bigger updates, for example 21.2 (this is an example of a bigger update and we do not know if we will get any 3D airports with 21.2)

As stated already, keep an eye on the Infinite Flight development timeline or any future announcements in #announcements or #blog.

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