New 3D Airport In IF's Instagram Post?

Hi everyone! Infinite Flight posted on Instagram today and I was wondering if it was a teaser for a new 3D airport or if it was just a post with an existing 3D airport? Please let me know, thank you!

Credit: Infinite Flight

Nope, This is show casing South Americas 3D airports for tonight Frinday Night Flight.

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Looks like KPHX too me which already has 3D and also looks like SCEL which as 3D airports as well. Don’t think it’s a teaser

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It’s not SECL because the terminal at Secl is all glass

That photo that was posted by Infinite Flight is Phoenix International Airport (KPHX) which already has 3D buildings.

Photo posted by Infinite Flight:

The airport in game

Circled in blue is the same terminal design in the photo posted by Infinite Flight. Circled in red is the hill that looks the same as it is in the photo posted by Infinite Flight


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