New 3D Airport Alert - EICK

Another major airport in Ireland is nearing completion, very close in fact. Enjoy some shots of the airport so far.

Second control tower.

Old terminal, the control tower and fire station.

Cargo area.

New and current terminal.

Note: this is still a WIP and things are subject to change depending on the review of the airport. This will not be coming in 22.5 as it is not finished. I won’t be accepting any airport requests at this time.

If anyone knows Cork airport really well and has some recent shots of the area that could be helpful, please send them my way. In particular pictures of the GA Apron would be extremely helpful!


Can’t wait for this! - The GA ramp in Cork is where AFTA (Atlantic Flight Training Academy) are based. Best thing would probably be to look up their website or grab some images from Google. I wish I could help in some way with photos but unfortunately I haven’t been there before. I will, however be flying down there in a few weeks from Waterford as part of the Navigation side of my PPL so I could possibly get some images for you then but I think it’ll just be a touch and go and up to Shannon unfortunately! ✈️👍

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If it would be possible to get images of Shannon within the airport that would be helpful too, it might be in the works 👀

But thanks anyways Jack, I’ll take a look at the website!

I’ll see what I can do depending on ATC and traffic if I could make a downwind departure and get some shots from the air for Shannon 👍🤔