New 2016 FDS & IF Livery on B777-300ER

The B77W is one of my favorite planes. Surprisingly there aren’t that many liveries for it. I think the new logo would look amazing on it. What do you guys think? Post your designs


Oh, NO! Not again! LOL! ;)

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You knew it was coming haha

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There is no new logo. This is the second time I’ve seen a post on this.

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Have you not looked at the top of this forum page?

That is the IF logo. Not the FDS logo. ;)

There will be a rendition of the new logo on an aircraft shortly.


No that’s not true, Philippe said so in the New logo announcement. I’ll get it now :)


I honestly, I think he may have changed his opinion when you, @Noroftheair, @Jan_Polet, @Belfast_spotter, I and others starting creating new ones LOL

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And I started making some with @Jan_Polet


Oh yeah, sorry 😅

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I don’t remember making things but I was definitely considering.

Nvm then, I thought u did. I got mixed up with everyone in that topic xD

I haven’t started my designs yet, but I will be working with you JFK

Don’t worry, I am the one who has done the current FDS liveries. A great way to showcase the new design is to make a plane ;)

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This livery I would propose. ( Jan has let me add to his livery just saying, we are sorta working together)

Just imagine it on a 773.


This looks beautiful.

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Or this one on it.

Fully did this one myself.


I need to learn how to use illustrator

I just changed it up a bit.