New 19.1 on Bluestacks

Well I tested the infinite 19.1
I flew from ksfo to klax
I used my PC I liked the result.
A compliment the color of the airbus A330 should have this in all generics.
The replay worked well I used all the features at maximum.
I’ll test more to see the final result.
I only do long flights.
I can say better later.

Here are the prints of my flight and the map that I found radar vision much better.


Great to see you enjoying the app. What do you mean on PC, you used a background from IF on it?

Also is there any issue with IF, this category should only by used in this case.

they are using Bluestacks

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I love bluestacks 😤😤🙏

1 - There is a delay when there are many planes at the airport.
2 - When the aircraft panels will stop being so dark at night. A330 is still like this.
3 - PC = Computer Personal - performance is better I have used all the options at maximum.
4 - Yes I used the Bluestacks modified…
5 - The print number 2 I want to show the radar, before aircraft disappeared fast now they stay for longer I can see them better.
I liked the update I’m going to do a long flight and this will give me a better idea.

Hey there, Infinite flight isn’t supported on PC, therefore there’s not much the devs can do to fix these issues, unless they are present on mobile

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Must be my English problem.
I’ve never complained about the IF for me, it’s great, I just posted that working well on PC then it should look better in the phone.
I put it to serve as a base reference.
I do not want anyone’s help what I do with my IF is much more than you on a cell phone.
I’ll stop posting this is getting bad.

I already used cell phones and saw the same problem in many aircraft having a small delay.
For me the 19.1 update is very good.

How would you control the yoke on bluestacks?

ok I don’t understand do people use blue stacks beacasue they can’t get max quality on mobile or do they use it because they would rather do it on pc

is easy!
is better que phone
I use a mouse and a 1920x1080 screen.
I see giant aircraft and normal flight like you do on the phone.
detail: it´s much more precise the control.

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Do you Enable Hardware acceleration on your Bluestacks?

@Chatta290 IF is somehow available on bluestacks which means you can play the simulator on your PC, somehow 😕

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Let’s make it clear!
I really like the IF. I use every day on trips from 7:00 to 12 hours.
Support is right, not something to emulate.
I can help you emulate but there will be no IF support because they have their reasons and I do not ask.
If you want to try I’ll help you.

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I’m making a video
I’ll post here to show performance.
Bluestacks and Infinite Flyght

Here is the video
If you like click and like to show others.
I still need help for some things but it works fine.

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