Neverscared821 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed] @KSEA

Would love feedback on my atc skills.
Thank you

Opening KSEA for the next hour min

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34C for landing/patter work
34R for take-off

I didn’t even send a duplicate message, I lost connection.

Hey there. I was the Delta A319 in the pattern. A few things I realized:

• You never cleared me for the option before my first landing. You can clear me for the option when I was on right downwind or even when I’m on the crosswind.
• Whenever an aircraft requests a “runway change”, you must give them a pattern instruction such as “enter downwind runway XX” or “enter right base runway XX” followed by sequencing.

Other than those issues, good job.

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I have some feedback for you, I in was GA with Callsign G-ZAGO.

  • Descend to pattern attitude, I already in the pattern attitude and I was about 1,000ft AGL. If the aircraft is above 1,500ft AGL (Their attitude in MSL - the airport elevation; For example, 2,000ft MSL - 1,100ft = 900ft AGL). So don’t give the aircraft to descend to pattern attitude below 1,500ft AGL.

  • Go Around, name Left Traffic, you told him to go around, make left traffic. Should get make right traffic, here the reason. I was in Left Downwind, and hr turn left and we got to close together and you told me to descend to pattern altitude which I am already in the pattern attitude, check before you send it.

Keep the work up.
Happy Controlling, ATCEG Gabe_Z

Make sure to give a traffic direction when changing runways, other than that fine ;)

Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely work on that and learning much more as I go. I really do appreciate it.

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Thank you for the feedback. Sorry about the confusion. I had already sent a taxi order but then I saw your plane disappear and reappear shortly after I sent the do not send duplicates and realized what must have happened. I also realized shortly after I told him left traffic you were right there and couldn’t think of a good way to fix it since I had forgotten to check where you were before sending out the go around. Next time I will definitely check where all aircraft are before sending instructions.
Thank you again for the feedback

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Thank you for the feedback. I wasn’t sure if I had to or not. Definitely good to know for next time.

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