A waste of time and effort.

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We could use some kind of username validation system for that, right?

This can hardly be a thing except for being a “license agreement” kind of checkbox or so

It could be a theory test, a typical game tutorial interface or both…

See: Make the minimum grade of PG to grade 3 - #69 by NatIsrael972

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#There is such a thing as a report button.
Don’t be shy using it. As long as you don’t misuse ;)


A definite no because not all players are aware of the forums and some people do not want to be part of them

Like I said some people are not aware and the devs have no way of knowing or recording of who visited the tutorials and this would be way to complicated

I like your ideas but they are way to complicated. As @dasabel100 said don’t be shy to use the report button and even if these were enforced there will always be 1 nimrod

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I agree that there should be some kind of system to move players up the server. Its hard for someone to even practice ATC in Playground with the amount of idiots flying around and taxing around


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