Never thought that mountain flying will be so much fun in IF!

Couple days ago I felt like going to try some simulated backcountry flying after watching some fellow RL bush pilots on YouTube. Did some searching then came across this website about mountain flying in NZ.

They offer some mountain flying routes, then I tried to look up on one of their routes to find out more.

The one that I tried was a short scenic flight from Queenstown (NZQN) to Wanaka airport (NZWF), and I gotta tell ya, that was one of the most awesome experience I had in Infinite Flight! Never really expect that IF could deliver that level of VFR excitement πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‡

Started on the grass apron at Queenstown Airport in a beautiful morning!

Taking off from runway 23, then turning eastbound

Majestic view of Lake Dunstan

Mesmerized by the mountain ridge along the way!

Some greeneries in Bendigo

Heading towards the great Lake Hawea

Manouvering around Lake Hawea & Lake Wanaka

Then finally doing the approach to Wanaka Airport

And after some eventful landing attempt, safely parked at the grass apron of Wanaka Airport

Share your thoughts on this trip, and if you have another scenic route for me to try, please let me know!

Thanks for dropping by!


I love mountain flying. IN regions for non pro that are great are california, switzerland hawaii malaysia has some mountain terrain along with indonesia


As an Alaskan, I always love mountain flying! still waiting for 3D scenery to Anchorage

These are some of the best screenshots I’ve seen in a while


Feels great that you enjoyed the shots @SWAviator !

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Yup, actually I do plan to make a VFR journey to fly around Indonesia (my home country), currently listing the flight plans.

Flying the tail dragger. Lovely shots!😊

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I remember hosting an event with IFAE with the new XCub and filming it. It was an absolutely amazing and unique experience, apart from the mostly airline-based events we flew. It’s somewhere down here!

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Stunning videowork @Nate_Schneller ! 😱

I think it’s time for the developers to prep a better resolution for the satellite imageries for low level VFR adventures like this. I’m sure that it will be quite a thrill on a mobile simulator like this

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