Never sleep while descending

I have sleep apnea…I have no problem falling asleep within 9 seconds. I will start that descent and wake up to the violation sound. I use inflight assistance, stop at 11000/240 knots just in case you fall asleep.

That is exactly what that report was. You get a message saying “Disconnected,” but nothing goes onto your violation history, there are no consequences, and it is counted as a Level 0 violation.

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I think this refers mainly to entering a controlled airspace with a radar controller. Vectors might have to be issued and radio contact definitely needs to occur.

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But if you just descended how can you get in trouble for landing or taking off without perm? Thats odd

I can’t because I am with strangers in the flight, when I sleep I move. So the only moment that I can sleep it is landing 😢

LNAV/VNAV will fly the approach lmao

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