Never sleep while descending

This is the feature I wanted on IF

As I’m a sleepy bird 🤣

Not unable to communicate. Unresponsive while climbing/descending is the correct reason to use.

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Bruh same i got 9 violations in 2 days. I was so mad and didnt wanna play the game anymore.

Does it include setting vnav and fall asleep

That’s funny, interesting!..Well maybe expected. It happens to the best of us. Thank you.

I always do this for some reason at night, I’m not tired I just doze off and wake up to 2 speed violations, if I catch it in time I’ll either pull up or end the flight

yes and dude im traumatized i never let the vnav anymore and put extra fuel

Then that’s their problem.

I’ve done this before tons. Easily about a third of my total violations (I must have about 80 or something, long time flyer, almost all over a year ago). It’s not a difficult thing to do surprisingly. I’ve received 2 ATC Level 2 violations from this before now, both over a year ago.

One was descending into Paris after a very tiring day at school, my body forced itself to sleep during descent, and the other was a before I woke up in the early morning. Weirdly had multiple things that led to the violation, which were the fact that I was an hour ahead of the estimated flight time, I had no fuel, and because I was flying the A346, the physics when I ran out of fuel and it didn’t ever put the aircraft into a stall, but a very subtle glide, which happened to be near my destination’s approach space. Needless to say that was removed because of the physics not having put me in a stall and kept me clear of their airspace.

Anywho, rant over from me. Long story short, I can completely understand what it’s like for you, I’ve done it way too many times, and made sure to avoid doing it again by avoiding landing certain times of the day when I might be super tired, such as after returning home from school, but being able to land after dinner. (Now I do not do that as I fly less and need my device at College)

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A lesson to be learned! never start your descent if you may fall asleep… should reverberate in your brain day and night good reminder!!!

Water is wet.

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Water is dry hehehe

Had a rough day, beat. Time to unwind, perfect cure - I’m off to the expert server for some serenity. Flight’s going well, relaxed…zzzzzzzzzzz

That’s roughly my trap.


If you want I can try to change youre violation reason to “Unresponsive while climbing, descending, or maneuvering” which is only a level 2 violation. I think this would be more appropriate. :)

Idk how possible this is, or if it already exists, but I do think there needs to be the ability for controllers to ghost whilst not reporting someone for these exact situations.

We can already report pilots without giving them any violation. We would just report them for being unable to communicate.

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Ok thanks:)

Ghosting with no consequences other than going offline for that one flight I mean

Unfortunately this happens all too often, even happened to me yesterday while controlling IAD Approach. I most often like to issue the report of “Unable to communicate,” assuming the airspace is not too busy, which just disconnects the pilot without issuing a violation. I think the violation “Unresponsive while descending or maneuvering” is reserved for heavier traffic areas, or areas around an IF stream. In the case of controlling AV-DAN’s stream, I feel turning on VNAV and leaving your device is just not smart when you are sure that there will be high traffic densities. It is left up to the controller, though.