Never sleep while descending

Yes I always fell asleep, never make the same mistake as I got a level 3 violation, it’s best to stay awake after going to the gate or end your flight early.


I hate when that happens. The best way to avoid this is by enabling VNAV 1 minute before descent.

You can continue your “Uh-oh moments” in this topic below.

I’ve done this 3 times now and 9 violations! 3 violations for each decent as I went bellow 10thousand foot and was over 260kts

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Sorry my va account,

How did you get a lvl 3 violation by being inactive

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Yea:( I know

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I set my vnav then I lowered down the speed to 220kts then I fell asleep and few minutes later I woke up with level 3 violation takeoff or landing without permission

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Wow, that’s a bit weird. I don’t think you can get a level 3 violation on that. Maybe 3 level 1 violations?

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There was an atc patrolling EHAM

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Oh alright, usually if ATC notices that you are not active they won’t give you a violation. But maybe i’m wrong. Yea so don’t ever set your VNAV when you’re not sure about it lol

You can get reported, descending into an active airspace and not being active can result in ATC reporting you. It causes conflicts and messes up with the controller’s plan.


Yep I was near the airport

Oh alright, good to know.

@MKAviationYT You should contact appeals. The only report that should be given in this situation is “unable to communicate”, which simply disconnects you from the server. It does not go on your violation record

You can always sleep during cruise, just not at critical phases ie. Climb and Descent :)


If you don’t want a violation, don’t set your VNAV early. It’s just that simple.

@Nils_Esser sorry for not paying attention as I fell asleep during descent:(
I’m so sorry

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Appeals is meant for removing a violation that you found to be unfair or was a system fault. The OP recognized his mistake and is taking accountability for it.

This is true, but if a pilot is away (as controllers can see from the ATC interface) we are instructed to report them for unable to communicate if they interfere

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I hesitate to mention a possibility for a new feature here, just thinking out loud. Special autopilot function for IF only: wake-up alarm for top of descent?

Luckily there is already a feature request for this.